Digital Marketing Services

Techzuke is an IT consulting company and provide digital marketing services that can meet all your needs and develop a real digital strategy by providing digital services like Social Media, PPC, SEO, Website Development, Graphics Design, Email Marketing Automation etc.. We have developed a strong expertise in the web business and over the years we position ourselves as a partner to listen to your requirements. We focus on creativity and innovation, quality and speed and budget constraints.


Our data-powered insights and growth-centric strategies are designed to expand your customer lifetime value and increase revenue in the long run.

Web Development

The Website is today the first source of access to information. It is essential to have an effective and professional online / digital presence via a website adapted to your business and your objectives.

Content Marketing

Content Writing is a very effective modern marketing technique used by companies to create and promote unique, reliable, relevant and valuable content to attract and engage potential customers.


We develop the conceptual SEO plan for your future website, an audit of your existing website in the event of a redesign and perform competitive benchmarks to rank your website on top in google and bing with SEO services.

Social Media

Talking about your brand can not be done lightly, setting up a strategy is necessary for each platform. We propose you to set up an editorial line, manage social networks and help you in the development of your business.


Get a positive return on investment with our PPC advertising. Spend your money tactfully and use the most targeted and profitable form of online advertising.

Graphics Design

From the logo to the graphic chart through the paper or digital media, We propose to create your visuals so that your image is coherent and harmonious.

Bulk SMS / Email Marketing

In order to promote the services and products of your company to your existing customers, to increase your traffic and to generate sales, we propose the creation and layout of content for the sending of bulk SMS and e-mail campaigns.

SEO is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines. SEO targets unpaid traffic (known as "natural" or "organic" results) rather than direct traffic or paid traffic. SEO is a very important digital marketing service to be focused to grow your business online. Users trust search engines, the majority of businesses are discovered through search engines. More than 65% of search engine users are most likely to click the top 5 results in the search engine results page, so it is very important to rank your website in the top 10 positions.

Increased Targeted Traffic

Identifying the right business keywords and optimizing the keywords in relevant webpages, will improve the ranking and increase in targeted traffic to the website from SEO.

Reduce Dependency on Paid Ads

Nowadays paid ads are becoming very expensive, ranking websites organically for business keywords through the SEO process will reduce the dependency of paid ads.


SEO process will improve website visibility, it will result in creating brand awareness among the target audience, increase in organic traffic and conversions. Branding helps in bringing more business.

Qualified Leads

Ranking websites on top of the search engine results page for target keywords will help us to generate more qualified leads compared to other paid channels.

More User Engagement

User engagement is always high for the SEO visitors, optimizing the target pages with relevant information will engage the users and spend more time on the website by visiting other pages.

Lower CPA

Users trust more on organic results than paid results in SERP, so the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) of SEO leads are very less compared to paid campaigns CPA.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an essential form of online marketing which uses the power of social media networks to build brand image, inform and engage existing customers and encourage conversation about a business. We create the social profiles that are right for your business, and add content and interact with the community at the times that are most valuable for gaining new customers and enticing existing customer to return. We also provide blogs, widgets, and articles that can be used to promote your brand and image through social media networks.

Search Engine Rankings

While SMO primarily focuses on driving web traffic from sources outside of search engines, improved rankings are a clear benefit of successful social media optimization. Search engines are increasingly putting more stock into social engagement and search.

Brand Awareness

Posting frequently and regularly on social media keeps your business at the top of your customers’ newsfeeds (and their minds), helping establish your reputation and create your voice. Being active on social media shows your business’s human side.

Website Traffic

Better rankings directly contribute to higher volumes of traffic being funnelled into your website. Interacting with people on social media also markets your business to an entirely new audience and existing customers and furthers your reach, helping grow your customer base.

Reputation Management

Most consumers prefer using social media to leave reviews, ask questions or submit customer service requests. If you’re absent from the platforms your customers use, you risk being a bystander in the ongoing online conversation about your brand.

Paid Advertising (PPC)

Native paid ads on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter open up exciting possibilities for businesses who are serious about advertising. Audience segmentation features let you laser target who sees your ad to maximize conversions.

Local SEO

The rise of personalized search means that having a location-based social media presence is more important than ever. SMO can help your business target certain geographic regions and enhance your reach to potential customers in your community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need a digital marketing company?

Unlike traditional forms of marketing through the media, currently the internet has the ability to focus your marketing efforts on your horizons. With digital marketing services, you are no longer limited to geographical boundaries, time zones or any of the limitations of digital marketing techniques. Digital marketing allows you to connect with a wider audience while keeping costs low and high achievable.

What services digital marketing companies offer?

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Social Media Optimization
Online Reputation Management
Google Adwords
Social Media Marketing
Email & SMS Marketing

What are the benefits of digital marketing?

Generate Quality Leads
Improve Conversion Rate
Cost Effective than Traditional Marketing
Generate High Revenue
High Returns On Investment(ROI)